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Bitpanda is all about ease of use. A one-tier verification process gives you access to an intuitive, fast and secure trading experience.

Bitpanda (BEST)

Bitpanda a trusted plattform to buy BTC/ETH have started his new refer a friend system – reveive €10 for your registration, once you have traded €25 on the Bitpanda Plattform.

Update 31st January 2020:
First BEST token burn has been completed.
Full information can be found here.

Update 24th June 2020:
You´ll get €10 AND BEST token worth of €10 for your registration once you have traded €25 on the Bitpanda Platform. (In total a reward of €20!)
(This offer will be active till 20th July 2020)

Step by step guide

  • Register on Bitpanda’s Website
  • Fully verify your account (how to verify?)
  • You have to trade €25 to receive a reward of €10.
  • For each referred friend who meets the requirements, you will receive €10 on your Bitpanda account.