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Privacy-based advertisement platform

Two months after its advertising platfom built on privacy for its desktop users, Brave is making it available on its Android app. Users who consent to viewing privacy-preserving ads are rewarded with 70 per cent of the ad revenue share in Basic Attention Tokens (BAT).

When a user opts into Brave Rewards (click on the triangle at the right of the URL bar in the Brave browser app), they start seeing Brave Ads and accumulate BAT, which they can claim on a monthly basis via the integrated wallet in Brave. Users can customize how many ads they’d like to see (one to five per hour), or choose not to see any ads.

Users can donate the BAT earned from viewing Brave Ads to their favourite websites, YouTube creators, or Twitch streamers. They will soon also be able to redeem BAT for real-world rewards, such as hotel vouchers and gift certificates via TAP Network’s 250,000 brand partners.

Brave Ads don’t replace current Web page ads. Users see them as offers in the form of notifications. When users click to engage with these notifications, they’re presented with a full page ad in a new ad tab of the Brave browser. Because ad matching happens directly on the user’s device, the user’s data is never sent to anyone, including Brave.

With Brave’s anonymous-but-accountable campaign reporting, brands are able to view hourly and daily report data, and export campaign reporting on demand from its reporting interface.

Brave’s Early Access Program initiated the process of bringing brands and ad networks to launch ad campaigns for its Brave Ads Preview phases that were introduced in January. Now it is launching the Brave Ads Certified Vendor Program. This gives vendors the opportunity to learn about Brave Ads and become certified to integrate the token into rich media mobile and desktop creative experiences for brands and agencies, and assist with creating a library of certified creative templates for Brave Ads.

“PadSquad has spent six years building strong relationships with brands and agencies to produce the best interactive creative experiences for their ad campaigns,” said PadSquad CEO and founder, Daniel Meehan. “Brands such as The Home Depot, Kia Motors, Ben & Jerry’s, Nickelodeon, Red Bull, and Levi’s rely on our team to design, develop and activate unique brand experiences that drive results on their behalf. We’ve observed the progress that Brave made with bringing their innovative ad platform to market, and we’re excited to be the first ads certified vendor with Brave to deliver rewards-based creative experiences that are privacy-preserving for people and brand-safe for advertisers.”

Brave CEO and co-founder Brendan Eich said that the 90-plus campaigns that Brave has run to date from 71 advertisers have delivered a 22.3 per cent clickthrough-rate. “28 per cent of clickthroughs have resulted in landing page visits of 10 seconds or longer,” said Eich. “This validates our privacy-preserving approach that treats users as sovereign and rewards them for their attention, and that reconnects advertisers and users directly, for best in class results.”

Brave Ads are currently available in the UK, US, Canada, France and Germany, with more countries to follow. Brave Ads will also be integrated in Brave’s iOS app in the coming months.

Final thoughts

  • Brave’s speed alone is enough to make the switch worthwhile, and the added privacy and security benefits are icing on the cake.
  • Not surprisingly, Brave has skyrocketed to popularity, going from 1 million to 10.4 million users in the past 2 years alone.