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What is airdrop and related issues

There are several ways to make money from cryptocurrency but not all of them are safe and legal. However, one way of making money through cryptocurrencies is AIRDROPS. 

At Earncointip, our effort is to always find such safe ways for our customers and users, which we do regularly. We have also helped the community find the best Airdrops programs all over the world.  

Some of you reading the concept of ‘Airdrops’ may first ask what is airdrop. 

And this is exactly our discussion program today – to discuss everything about Airdrops. Therefore, in this analysis, we will broadly access the following points: 

  • What is Airdrop Crypto?
  • Why are Crypto Airdrops often free?
  • How to stay up to date on such Airdrop projects?
  • How to get free cryptocurrency?
  • Conclusion: Stay up to date and keep safe while airdrops

What is airdrop in the cryptocurrency world?

A parachute drop for a cryptocurrency is a procedure for distributing new Token / Coin by giving them a certain percentage to the current holdings of particular blockchain currency, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, etc.    

Simply, if you hold (Hold) a type of Coin through a reward program or otherwise, this means that you will automatically be eligible to exchange with Coin / Token. Other value to convert into money.  

That is why this method of distributing coins/tokens called airdrops is denoted as ‘free allocation’.

Sometimes, there are different reasons and motivations for airdrops such as marketing, hierarchy, and distribution, etc. There are other reasons we will talk about later in the article.

Why do free Airdrops Crypto happen?

There are several incentives to implement cryptocurrency airdrops, right from the moment of creating amplification and buzz to successfully distribute the entire coin / token supply in terms of expected value for money.

Some reasons to make cryptocurrency airdrops are:

The total distribution provides tokens

An appropriate reason for airdrops is that the even distribution of the total supply of tokens/coins is not in a situation where BAGHODLER holds large sums of money with themselves.  

“Bagholder” is a term used to refer to investors who are unsuccessful in making a profit from selling cryptocurrencies, so they hold a lot of tokens with a value much lower than the original investment head. With that number of tokens, they may be greedy or profitable, or they may also hold some important information.

For example:

Omise donated five percent of its OmiseGO cryptocurrency to Ethereum holders in September 2017.

In this case, OmiseGO took advantage of the distributed Ethereum platform to distribute their tokens.

Reward loyal investors who are interested in ICOs

Many cryptocurrencies want to reward early backers and investors who bought their first ICO or Token. A better way to reward them than to give them new tokens – for free. 

This also promotes new investors to hold their original tokens effectively

Increasing awareness of newly issued cryptocurrency

To spread awareness to customers, these programs are investors airdrops done ana n distribution to users holding of popular electronic currency Ethereum, Walton, etc.  

Marketing & advertising

This is the most popular trend today. Airdropping Coin / Token for marketing purposes and collecting potential customers to expand business opportunities further. 

You will also find projects running the program, such as:

  1. (TEU) is broadcasting $ 125,000 in tokens to the first 15,000 airdrop participants!
  2. Get up to 60 free REPU tokens just by joining Telegram!
  3. # Broadcasting an introduction of ApolloDAE to Telegram users!   
  4. 50 free SYN tokens when you sign up!

So this is a kind of airdrop cum bonus for doing small tasks like registering, recommending or joining Telegram and following on Twitter, etc.

Decomposition of cryptocurrencies

Another popular way is to separate popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero and create a new currency, to be distributed to holders of these base currencies.  

Now the very important question is – How to know about such airdrops? Good question, consider it one of the easiest ways to make money. 

How to keep up to date on such Crypto Airdrops?

There are several ways to be updated, one of the most effective is to join online money making MMO channel in this field. Earncointip is one such platform. 

Through Earncointip you can get regular updates on airdrops, ICO, IEO projects, etc. However, be aware of the fact that not all airdrops are worth participating in and can sometimes be ineffective. However, to check for updates on the most potential projects or directly exchange the Earncointip support team: https://t.me/earncointip  

You can also find new notifications when filling out the Registration Form to receive the latest news about potential Airdrop programs here:

>> Sign up to receive Airdrop Crypt news

How to get free Coin / Token rewards?

Free Coin / Token bonus requirements can be updated and vary by investor’s project.

Create a coin purse for you to store Coin / Token

For the rewards you receive from airdrop programs, you need to store and secure your wallet address.

That is, we always recommend that you always store your cryptocurrency in the following types of wallets where you control your private keys:

  • Ledger Nano S (Cold wallet)  
  • Trezor (Cold wallet )  
  • Exodus (Desktop wallet)  
  • MyEtherWallet (Web wallet ) etc ..   

Conclusion: Stay up to date and stay safe

The potential of cryptocurrencies is increasing every day, the scams surrounding it are also increasing. That’s why if you find scams around cryptocurrency airdrops, don’t be surprised or love it. 

The only solution is to change your perception of the subject of airdrops, or as a matter of fact, about cryptocurrencies.

For the sake of your safety, I would suggest that you take responsibility by checking carefully the airdrops program for its limitations, potential, metrics, reputation and even Your assessments of the project.